Love Letter for Hire

"Love letters are the campaign promises of the heart" (Robert Friedman)

Love Letter for Hire is a private, confidential referral based services company that assists individuals with finding the right words to say in the form of a love letter. In short, we are your writing "Hitch." The love letter is not a momentary experience, but a lifetime; each time your loved one reads your letter, they will relive your love and most intimate moments. We are here to help you build a treasure box of memories that will last forever. Give her/him your soul in a love letter!

Love Letter for Hire offers platonic, romantic and erotic love letters and wedding vows as well as "Dear John.." letters. In a world that is flooded with information technology and during this trying economy, sometimes a simple handwritten letter can make all of the difference in a person's day. We should not only love someone when they're up, but love them when they're down as well. We are here to help you take what is in your heart and mind, and put it down on paper. The ancients believed that once love was declared on paper, written, it was forever. Show your forever love with a love letter.

 Love Letter for Hire's Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients in communicating their most intimate feelings and thoughts through the most heartfelt manner - the love letter - thereby bringing back the flame of romance into the often hectic and busy lives of today's couples. Love is not a one time affair, so we are committed to being our client's lifetime "go to" resource to filling their life with love and joy.

 On a more personal note, we want to bring back the art of personal communication: letter writing.