Love Letter for Hire


Love Letter for Hire offers platonic, romantic and erotic love letters and wedding vows for:

couples who are looking to re-ignite the romantic flame

secret admirers

long distance love affairs

military spouses separated by tours of duty

wedding vows

Dear John...

and much, much more

We gather the words/thoughts/ideas you wish to express in a confidential, in-person meeting or phone conference, present them in a 1-3 page love letter or poem (1-14 lines) and email the results to you for you to rewrite/pen in your own handwriting and deliver to your love interest (see delivery methods).

So, do you have an anniversary coming soon, a wedding? Or do you just want to show her/him how much you care? Send them a love letter from your heart.

 February Special: Love Letter Coupons - Pack of 5 for $49

Use them to say "I'm sorry" or "Just Because." We design them especially for you, based on your needs

What price are you willing to pay for love?

At Love Letter for Hire, we believe that love is priceless, but we do have to charge for our services. But for you, we are offering a special gift of your choice to go with the love letter ... AND ... the shipping is included in the price:

1 page - $99 Introductory offer (includes either: a box of chocolates or $25 gift card for dinner for two)

2 pages - $199 (includes two of the following: a box of chocolates, teddy bear or $50 gift card for dinner for two)

3 pages - $299 (includes two of the following: a personalized ti-shirt, $50 gift card for dinner for two or a box of Love letter for Hire stationary) 

Poem (1-14 lines) - $69 Introductory offer (includes: a box of chocolates)

Wedding Vows - $99 Introductory offer (max. 500 words)

Dear John/Jane - price varies

Secret Admirer - same price as love letters depending on page length

Thank you letter - price varies

Note: Payment is due upon private consultation appointment. 

Love Letter Treasure Box Bundles

Treasure Box 1 - Purchase a bundle of 3 love letters (excludes 3 page love letter) - 15% off total package price of $349 (must be used within 4 months of purchase). A box of chocolates is included with each letter.

Treasure Box 2 - Purchase a bundle of 6 letters (excludes 3 page love letter) - 25% off total package price of $649 (must be used within 1 year of purchase). A teddy bear is included with each letter.

Delivery of Love Letter 

We deliver your love letter in one of three ways after a private consultation and your final approval of language:

1. Deliver content to you to rewrite in your own handwriting

2. Select from our assortment of romantic stationary, and we will personally mail the letter to the object of your affection (please note, letters are handwritten by a member of our staff using the most romantic handwriting style available)

3. Deliver content to you to send via your own email address

Either way, your loved one will receive one of the most memorable gifts of their lives. And add it to the delivery of roses or any other special gift, you are sure to make a big impression.